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I established a firm 7 years ago to bring back some of the old values I believe in and was brought up with by my father and the old guard and rather wise professionals who trained me.

Those businesses which will survive into the future if they can capture the old fashioned spirit. The investment banks and other finanically driven sectors have historically focussed on the winning profitable mandates… the proverbial has hit the fan, life changes. Its not just about grabbing money now, its undertsanding the consequences business can have and adapting to make it more positive for all – this would actually enhance and improve the returns achieved.

I believe the market is going to have to adapt – all stakeholders are going to ask to see people’s due diligence work and not take things on trust; the level of transparancy which is going to hit the market will surprise people



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  1. So – all you investors out there who needs to make a good return, lets create a Private Debt industry to do just what the banks failed to do

    March 5, 2009 at 12:47 am

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