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The 2+2 tour

When first I boarded the plane in London, Dubai bound, I had no idea what a marathon this trip would turn into. I think the boss knew as he gave me a frequent flyer card wallet when we met in Hong Kong for lunch shortly before Christmas.

Day 1- 3 Dubai – watching the 24 hour endurance race was excellent fun

Day 4-5 Hong Kong

I then left to Hong Kong with the CEO of PCG Entertainment – we travelled together, except Nick’s bag got checked in all the way to Beijing…so when we de-planed in Hong Kong, no bags for Nick. Poor man.

Anyway we started our visit to Hong Kong with a late night meeting with the lads to discuss the tactics for the meting the following morning.

We met and had an interesting meeting – friends of Henry Chung – I had to leave after lunch to go and meet our auditors and accountants and our interim finance function based out of Money Swap. I also caught up with Pete Charlton, the Regional Managing Partner of Clifford Chance. Nice man and so bloody tall !! Clever too.

Having collected my visa the Monday night I was then able to tarvel on the Tuesday…..

Arrived in Beijing…then I had my i-Pad stolen by the Cabbie…welcome to Beijing…

More tomorrow….


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